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Your body was designed to be well and heal itself, learn why this isn't happening and how to safeguard your body from disease.

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Our Program

We make good nutrition really convenient

The reason our program is so successful is that we have made nourishing your body with the nutrition it needs very easy and convenient. We've compared the nutrients the body needs to the nutrients readily available in our modern foods. The difference between the two is Healthy for Life!

We've combined the most common missing nutrients into two supplements, and omega and a multi-mineral. These two supplements are all most people need to fill the gap between what you are eating and what you need.

The third component to our program is our herbal cleanser. Don't worry, this isn't one of those clean-you-out supplements, this is a gentle daily cleanser that will help your body get rid of impurities.

It's that simple, supply your body with good nutrition with our Omega and Mineral, and get rid of toxins with our Herbs. Healthy for Life will give you results you will be excited about! Don't wait get started today.

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Why Healthy for Life?

Here are a few benefits of following our program:


your immune system

Feel Better

than ever before


you have been dreaming of

Stop Worrying

about your health

Less Sickness

learn how to protect your family from sickness

Save Money

on healthcare expenses


is the key to long term success


nutrition you were meant to have

Healthcare costs continue to rise

The average American household used to spend an average of 15-17% of their household income on food and only 3-5% on healthcare. Currently the average American spends only 5-8% of their household income on food and 15-20% on healthcare. Creating processed “cheap” food has actually proved to be more costly when you consider the healthcare cost, not to mention the lower quality of life.


Food 15-17%
Healthcare 3-5%


Food 5-8%
Healthcare 15-20%

Why do diseases continue to get worse?

Despite better medical technology, major diseases haven't improved

Our eBook, Healthy for Life U, explains why we aren't making any ground on curing diseases, and explains the truth about what has happened to our health in this country. It will also show you how to protect yourself against the top diseases.



Heart Disease



The Food Disease

Learn how food is the cause and solution to many major health problems

You can do it!

Our eBook will help you, no matter where you are in your health!

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Recom­mended by Doctors

Here are a few doctors who like Healthy for Life

dr sim

Dr. David Sim, MD


“Scientific studies continue to show that following the Healthy for Life nutritional principles will help reduce cardiovascular risk.”

dr reynes

Dr. Carlos Reynes, MD

Internal Medicine

“Healthy for Life has created exactly what I’ve been looking to use with my patients for over 25 years. I’m so glad it’s finally here.”

dr rowen

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD


Watch a live seminar with Dr. Rowen, as a part of the free course!

Success Stories

Here are a few of our fans

Helped with weight loss and chronic sinus infections

I attended the very first Healthy for Life seminar over 17 years ago. The teaching seemed outrageous at the time. Seventeen years later it's all been proven true study after study. I came to Healthy for Life overweight and with chronic sinus infections. Six months and twenty-five pounds later my health was restored. Over the years the quality of the products and the incredible service provided by Pam, Dion and of course Brian has been stellar. Great products, great service and great outcomes make Healthy for Life an outstanding company and experience. - Tim

Healthy for Life has helped in so many ways!

What haven't the healthy for life products done for me? I suffer from reflex symphetic dystrophy which is a disorder of the Symphetic nervous system in response to pain. I have this in my left hand and wrist for two years. The products have helped reduce the swelling, gotten rid of the inflammation and help control the residual pain that is left. I also had shingles in my left hip eight years ago and had a lot of nerve pain. That is now eliminated. I have suffered from hypoglycemia since I was a child and I have been on the product for one month and my appetite has decreased, and slowly I am coming out of the fog that I had been in. My menstrual cycle has been out of control and this is the first month in years that PMS hasn't drove me nuts. I have a science background and I believe your analysis of health and nutrition is right on the money. A person would be crazy not to give these products at least a 3 to 6 month trial. It will change your life. My daughter also has ADD and the teachers are noticing an improvement in her concentration at school. - Becky

Lowered my triglycerides and more!

I have had high cholesterol, arthritis, and basal cell carcinomas. Your program sounded just like what I needed. I rushed over to purchased a one months supply of HFL. I reduced my carbs, but ate all the cheese, eggs, and meat that I wanted, got off cholesterol reducing medication and started lifting weights three days a week. This conflicted with recommendations of my doctor, so I just had my cholesterol checked again. In three months my triglycerides dropped from 141 to 90. My previous diet and medication had never produced a decrease. I have had no joint inflammation since I started HFL. My skin is looking better. My surgeon was surprised at how fast I healed from my last skin cancer surgery. Skin cancer has randomly produced new basal cells a few times a year. No new ones evident since starting HFL.. Now I am plugging HFL to my acquaintances! Thanks! - Dan

Fish Oil vs. Plant Oil

Organic plant oils are so much better, stop using fish oil today!

Many people overlook the important difference between parent and derivative forms of Omega oils. Fish oils are made up of mostly Omega 3 derivatives. While fish oil has many advocates, research shows that people have significant improvements when changing their daily EFA supplementation from fish oil to a more complete formulation of Parent Omega 3 and 6. In 2009, the American Heart Association recognized the importance of Omega 6 for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and the correlation between a lack of Omega 6 and the increased risk for heart disease. Fish oil supplements can also contain pollutants. Chemicals and heat are used to extract the oils from fish tissue, which can contaminate them. Top-quality fish goes to markets and restaurants; the rest goes to be processed into fish oil supplements and other secondary products. We highly recommend organic seed oils for Omega 3 and 6 supplementation. Seed oils are higher in quality and contain the parent omegas.

The IOWA Study

Our Omega 3-6-9 was the subject of the IOWA study


The purpose of the study was to investigate whether the product has an effect on arterial flexibility, also know as arterial age. A sophisticated machine called a Digital Pulse Analyzer (DPA) was used to evaluate the flexibility of the study group’s arteries and assign them an age. Long term (2 to 4 years) and short term (1 to 8 months) Omega 3-6-9 users were evaluated. Long term users’ arterial age averaged 9 years younger than the average population, and the short term users averaged 7 years younger! This is an exciting confirmation of the importance of Omega oils in your body.


We are here to help

If at any time you have questions or need help, contact us and we will do our best to help in any way we can. And if we don't have an answer for you, we will help you find an answer or someone who can help.

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